Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Which Democratic pols do you like?  That is, about which Democrats do you think:  I disagree with them on the issues, but I do believe they are well-intentioned, serious, excellent public servants.  Even if they are wrong about everything (or at least nearly everything).


  1. Dennis Kucinich. (Full disclosure: I'm actually a RINO, but this thread is too sparse).

    Kucinich is weird, but I like the fact that you know what he is for, even if that means welcoming the Goddess of Peace to encircle the world in her arms.

    During the recent thread on Presidential appointments, and the horse trading therein, it occured to me how challenging it would be to horse trade with a WJC/BHO type who is blatantly governing in "whatever centrist-y way is most likely to lead to enough popularity for re-election". How do you trade with someone who doesn't covet anything specific? Might the historic intransigence of the Republican minority in Congress be partially explained by the historic commitmentphobia of BHO's Presidency?

    At least with Kucinich you could trade a Goddess of Peace for a couple weapons programs, etc.

  2. Barney Frank has always impressed me when I have seen him on TV.

    I disagree with Eliot Spitzer on many things such as spending and immigration but I liked how he took on crooked Wall Street practices.


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