Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey , Reporters!

Might be a new continuing item, might just be a one-shot...these are things I really wish I knew more about, but haven't seen much reporting on. 

1.  GOP House candidates.  I still haven't seen a good story about how many Rand Pauls and Sharron Angles there are in competitive House races -- nominees who may lose races that a more mainstream or more experienced Republican would have a better of winning.  Similar question: are Republican candidates sticking to relatively bland policy statements in keeping with the national strategy of offering mostly opposition -- or are they saying nutty things like those in the Iowa Republican Party Platform?

2.  American and coalition deaths in Afghanistan are running at a far lower pace this month than they were in June and July, and lower than last summer.  Why?  Has something changed?  Just a run of luck? 

3.  I've seen a few stories about ACA implementation, but in general it's a very important story, and the press tends to massively underplay any implementation story.  That goes for the other major and minor legislation passed in the 111th Congress, as well -- we could use a lot more information about how specific reforms are working out so far, and some general reporting about implementation overall.


  1. This should become a regular feature.

    I would like to see more on your choices and would like to add some reporting on what is the reasoning behind the Obama administration's slowness on filling Fed & Judicial vacancies. It's a major problem with the Obama administration that in the Fed area could have major electoral consequence for him yet I've seen hardly any reporting on it.

  2. As to item 1, I know that in IN-02 the Democrat Joe Donnelly was widely assumed to toast, but Republicans nominated a Tea partier named Jackie Walorski who is now expected to lose.


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