Monday, September 20, 2010

Is This Odd?

Quick quiz: what do Ken Buck, Scott McAdams, and Bill McNeil have in common?

I've mentioned it in passing a couple of times, and tweeted it once (and it was then retweeted by the Denver Post, although I'm not sure if that means anything; seems to be an auto-retweeter), but isn't it a bit odd that Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck's date of birth appears to be unlisted?  McAdams (the Dem nominee in Alaska), too, although he's relatively more obscure.  In both cases, it may simply be that no one has bothered to ask, although for what it's worth no one (including the campaigns) responded to my tweet.  Hey, I'm not saying it's up there with crazy stuff people said on the Bill Maher show a dozen years ago, and maybe I just have severely limited search skills, and obviously the only reason I care is because I'm tracking how old the next Senate is going to be...but I am sort of wondering if it's a little odd.

Oh, and if it turns out that they have more in common than just a hidden birthday, I'll remind you: first of all, it's pronounced "EEvelyn."


  1. A google search for "Scott McAdams date of birth"
    Scott McAdams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    NAME, Macadams, Scott. ALTERNATIVE NAMES. SHORT DESCRIPTION. DATE OF BIRTH, October 10, 1970. PLACE OF BIRTH, Petersburg, Alaska. DATE OF DEATH ...

    The Wiki page doesn't actually list that 10/10/70 date as a DOB but has a link to the posting titled "1970 Births"

  2. Thanks! As I said, could be sloppy searching on my part. It doesn't list the 10/10 date anywhere on the page now (it may have been crunched in previous edits). I also notice that he became mayor on 10/10/08...perhaps that produced the 10/10 birthday? At any rate, wiki definitely has the link to 1970 births that you note, so I'll assume pending anything else that he was in fact born in that year.

    Still nothing on Ken Buck, though.

  3. I think it's probably safe to say that Buck was born somewhere from 1958-1960, given that he graduated Princeton in 1981. I can't find any specifics, though.


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