Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Mattered This Week?

I have to disqualify myself from participating in the thread this week, because all I remember from the week was the Giants winning two World Series games.  And I'm pretty sure there must have been something else going on, but I can't think of it right now, with Game Three coming up in a few hours.  So I'll just throw it even more open than usual: what do you think mattered this week?


  1. Bombs from Yemen. Previously I thought it was unlikely Obama was ready to pull the final trigger on actually executing an American citizen as the specific target of a War on Terror (notion that it's over is an absurdity at this point) missile strike. Now I'm fairly certain he'll do it at the very earliest opportunity.

  2. I'm wondering if the coverage -- or lack thereof -- of the Rally to Restore Sanity mattered.

    At least it's interesting that it got more turnout than Beck's...

  3. Yemen bombs is probably the "correct" answer, the Rally to Restore Sanity stuff is pretty important too (oddly).

    A more narrow "what mattered" would be the developments in Florida. Charlie Crist (and the Dems, apparently) are really desperate there. The "Meek needs to drop out" stuff could be seen as what seals the election for Rubio, and possibly what will cause Alex Sink to lose the governor's race if Dem turnout ends up being a bit depressed (not sure we'll ever be able to figure that out one way or the other though). Rubio winning could have obvious effects on who controls the Senate, but it also makes him a major figure in GOP politics, including for 2012 as a possible VP. If the last minute maneuvering by Clinton and Crist denies the Dems the governor's office, that also has major 2012 implications (obviously).

    But yes--Yemen and Restored Fear.

  4. Morning Joe claims many of his republican friends were holding their noses and voting for Sink. Maybe it is possible for a Rep. candidate to be too extreme (corrupt rather than ideological)

  5. I couldn't have cared less who won the World Series until I saw all those mad Texans cheering George W. Bush before the first pitch on Sunday evening. Now I'd say that what mattered last week was the Giants jumping out to a series lead.
    That said, in Nate Silver's book the Dems have a somewhat better chance of holding the House than the Rangers do of winning the series -- based on the 6-38 record of teams down 3-1 in the playoffs. If the odds Gods would let me trade a Texas win for a Dem hold, I'd take it!

  6. Dilma Rousseff's victory in the Brazilian elections. Yes, the bombs were significant, and technically Dilma had this election all but won a long time ago, but the new Brazilian leader holds a rather interesting balance of power; it's really interesting that Brazil has chosen a politician who's negotiating skills are largely unknown, at a time when Brazil is staking its claim as an economic and political superpower. I'll be interested in the noises she makes in her first few weeks regarding foreign policy and domestic economic issues in particular, as this could provide an early indication of the role Brazil will have to play over the next 5 years.


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