Friday, October 22, 2010

Read Stuff, You Should

Once again, my tabs are not just full, but overflowing.  I'll get straight to it.

1. Starting with the 2010 election cycle: Seth Masket talks McCain and the Tea Parties; Steve Kornacki on the crazy; Jonathan Chait on party discipline; and, will there be Jews?

2. Fred Kaplan updates Afghanistan.

3. Matt Yglesias continues to make the economic and ethical case for allowing immigration.

4. Remember Elena Kagan?  Glenn Greenwald is still watching.

5. Nobody knows anything, economics edition.

6. ACA mythbusting from Jonathan Cohn.

7. Ross Douthat explains the GOP and climate; Chait takes on the GOP and spending.

8.  And a sports & media link for you.

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