Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I Learned Today

1.  When Things Like This happen, what we should all do is talk a lot more about Jesus of Nazareth. 

2.  If someone quotes him, however, what we should do is ridicule the quotation.

Yeah. I got the Rush thing from an Amanda Marcotte tweet; she read it as "Criticizing a conservative is the same thing as raping someone in Limbaugh's world."  I suppose so, but what I read is Rush hearing "turn the other cheek" and thinking of it as some sort of weird, alien phrase to be mocked.  That is, he didn't explain that this was a poor time to be following the biblical advice, or that it didn't apply here, or whatever; he went after the idea of "turn the other cheek" itself.

Me?  I don't like to mock serious thinkers, so I'll pass on Rush's suggestion.  As for Erickson...I guess I'll meet him halfway.  As a Red Sea Pedestrian myself, I won't quite go for what he wants, respectful as I'm sure he means to be to Gabrielle Giffords by implying she (and I, and the rest of us heathens) is bound for eternal damnation.  But I'm due to resume rewatching Buffy from the start of Season 4 soon -- it's light on Jesus, but long on heaven, hell, and of course lots of very real demons, and Erickson wants us to focus on that sort of thing.  Hope he doesn't mind the improvisation. 


  1. Why would you start at the beginning of season 4? The stretch from the middle of season 2 to the end of season 3 is by far the best part of the series.

  2. Check that, I missed "resume" on first read. Still, my inclination would be to go back to "Surprise/Innocence" and watch from there again rather than taking the risk of accidentally watching "Beer Bad."

  3. Only dirty hippies think Jesus was about teh peace. In reality, Jesus was big on military subcontractors and giving money from the poor to the rich. Also he was Reagan.

  4. "Well, the old, old saying is true: Man does not live by bread alone."
    -- Ronald Reagan, October 1984

    The old, old saying? Of course, Reagan had no idea he was quoting Our Lord and Savior Himself.

    Likewise Limbaugh in the quote here, obviously. If they didn't have Jews and agnostics around to explain it, these clowns would have no idea at all what's in the Christian Bible.

  5. I'm thankful that Erickson is around to tell me I'm going to hell.
    It was the not knowing that was really torturous.

  6. I laughed at Erickson's tweet about god being mad at atheists. I'm sure after he let them know that they were sorry for crossing him.

    Season 4 of Buffy has its moments. I feel like some of the episodes are greater than the whole. Still a decent season though.


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