Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Mattered This Week?

Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the ACA repeal vote. Or who's giving the Republican response to the SOTU. The China summit? Tunisia? The regulations initiative? I don't know -- what do you think mattered this week?


  1. Hmmm. Labelled with "health care". Could that be a hint?

    What I think matters now is Boehner & co v 75 tea partiers. Somebody in that crew will indulge in gratuitous brinksmanship, and how much support they get from the R caucus will tell us whether the next 2 years will have to navigated without a congress.

  2. That Gabby Giffords stood on her own two feet again. I know its small in the scheme of things, but it mattered. If you she can be brought down that low and rise again, we all can.

  3. With Keith Olbermann's departure liberals were once again reminded that they have very little voice in the mainstream media. Liberal ideas are relegated to about two hours on a cable network that isn't even part of the standard package in most cable/satellite subscriptions. And we wonder why we're in this mess.


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