Friday, March 25, 2011

Catch of the Day

Yeah, yeah, this will be the second CotD for basically the same subject, but I enjoyed Benjy Sarlin's detailed accounting of all of the flips that Newt Gingrich has managed on Libya so much that I just had to go for it. Plus I loved Andrew Sullivan's summary: "The common theme? He's always obviously right; Obama is always insanely wrong." Perfect.

My only disappointment is that none of Sarlin's quotations included Newt's best word: "Frankly." Which means...well, you know what it means.

The guy is a total fraud.


  1. whenever they heard their boss, the governor, say, "frankly…", their ears perked up because they knew whatever statement came next was … untrue.

    but "frankly" should never, ever be used by anyone because it means or implies you weren't being frank when you said all the stuff that came before.

    frankly speaking, of course.

  2. It seems that this fraud is featured as often as possible on every Fox News program, which I would consider a good thing if the majority of viewer's ignorance wasn't so great.


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