Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey, Reporters!

While I'm collecting incoming questions for me, here's a continuing occasional item: things that I wish I knew more about, but haven't seen much reporting on.

1. Several of us have asked this before, but I've seen very little reporting -- unless you count the fine work by John Sides in ambushing someone in a grocery store -- about why the administration has been so slow in nominating judges.

2. Health care: Republicans have been yapping on about waivers granted on ACA implementation. What's the deal with it? My assumption, given the GOP record on this, is that at best they're misinterpreting something, but it also wouldn't surprise me if they're just totally making something up...I suppose it's also possible that there is something to these accusations. Unless I'm forgetting, which is certainly possible, I don't think I've seen a good explanation -- seems like a good item for Ezra Klein or Jonathan Cohn, no?

3. This one I've used in this item before, but it's just as relevant now: why have coalition deaths in Afghanistan stopped increasing? They're flat over the last eight months now, and possibly even decreasing.

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