Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

I thought the Fox panel did okay during the debate, for the most part (the gimmick round about candidates who weren't there was awful, and there were a few other problems, but overall I thought they were fine). Your turn: what question would you like to ask the candidates at the next GOP presidential debate?


  1. Detainees at Guantanamo have had access to top-flight legal counsel in the form of private counsel from big-name firms who have volunteered their services pro-bono.

    The most notable name includes Neil Katyal, now Acting Solicitor General of the Unites States, who argued successfully against the Bush administration in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.

    Some on the right have criticized the actions of the so-called "Guantanamo Bar" - do you agree with this criticism, and if so, why? John Adams defended British soldiers tried for the Boston Massacre. Should American of similar stature be concerned with the trials of terror suspects at Guantanamo?

  2. What should we do about China's trade policies?

    What should we do in Afghanistan now that Osama is dead?

    Should we reduce airport screening?

  3. A number of economists, including John McCain’s 2008 economic advisor John Taylor, have argued that the Federal Reserve’s stimulative monetary policy (low interest rates) and implicit guarantees (“Greenspan Put”) were responsible for the reckless wall street financing that caused the housing bubble. It’s widely agreed that these policies have been continued and expanded under current Federal Reserve leadership. Do you support limiting the Fed’s macroeconomic role to maintaining price stability and would you replace Chairman Bernanke?


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