Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Do you have a good sense of the differences, if any, between what Rick Perry and Mitt Romney would do as president on foreign policy?


  1. Perry has it right on Iraq and Afghanistan -- bring home the troops. It would be fun to watch him hammer Obama in the debates for following Bush’s failed foreign policy.

  2. Cut and run, Couves? ;)

  3. I love how conservatives now advocate bringing them home, and how they distance themselves from Bush at every turn. If Obama wants to do it, they want to tear it down. What a bunch of populist hypocrites!

  4. ...sorta like the Left's once infatuation with the Code Pinkers and Cindy Sheehan, eh? Fine as long as they were attacking evil Bushitler, but once Obama took over, the Code Pinkers went straight down the memory hole, even as Obama quadrupled our troop counts in Afghanistan and invaded Libya extra-constitutionally. This is one place where Obama really needed to listen to his base, rather than ignoring them.

    I don't think anybody other than Ron Paul is speaking about foreign policy much on the R side of the equation, so I doubt we'll see much fireworks over foreign policy for now. That was one of Pawlenty's mistakes, for that matter. He came out with a big speech and policy about going all T.E. Lawrence in the Mideast... in front of the CFR as I recall, but I don't think people have much interest in a saber rattler right now. That helped sink him, I believe. Perry and Romney will learn from his mistake, although Obama better get ready for attacks in the general, because they're coming.

  5. Anonymous: You Betcha!

    Eric: I can live with their hypocrisy if it means an end to the wars.


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