Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

I know I'm asking a lot of Perry/Romney questions these days, but, well, it does seem like the thing to do. So...

Do you think that as president there would be any difference at all between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney on the following issues: immigration, abortion, health care, Social Security? If so, what would it be? And what's the reason you believe (if you do) there would be a difference?


  1. There are sharp differences on immigration. Perry believes in keeping the supply of cheap labor flowing across the border to businesses that want it and is against anything effective to stop it.

    Despite his rhetoric I think Perry would do nothing on Social Security so no differences there. Romney would probably do more to have more of the population covered by health insurance.

  2. I think abortion will be the same. Make all the normal republican executive orders and appoint (likely) anti Roe supreme court justices. Perry is marginally more likely to be moderate on immigration, and Romney is marginally more likely to pass social security reform.

    Romney is MUCH more likely to push some kind of significant health care reform. Romney refusal to totally repudiate Romneycare suggests that. He clearly is interested in health care policy. Both will still try to largely repeal Obamacare.

  3. Romney has a plan for health care, although nobody seems to mention it. Among the conservative true believers, it's all about 'repeal and replace,' although nobody has even come close to describing the 'replace' part. Romney has all along advocated ACA waivers for states instead. I think that the idea is that few states would actually seek a waiver, so there would be no need to develop a new reform package. Despite the griping from state GOP leaders, I suspect that few would actually seek a waiver to turn down federal cash and boot more people off of insurance rolls. Their opposition up to this point is purely political.

  4. oh, oh, I know this one!

    Clearly, as we have seen in two years of Obama, Presidents don't have any power. They don't set the agenda, they don't make policy. Congress does. So, it doesn't matter whether it is Romney or Perry. Policy will be int the hands of congress. After all, I don't see them running a more aggressive deportation program...

  5. Immigration: maybe. depends on what congress looks like in 2018.
    Abortion: no, judicial appointments would be similar.
    Healthcare: congress will re-write the bill, and Romney won't dare veto it if he doesn't want to be primaried pre-2016.
    Social Security: no, neither will touch it in office.


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