Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, Not This. Really?

Look, I'm just not going to do it, okay? I'm not going to write a "don't take Newt seriously" post. Just drag out my old posts about Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann and scratch their names out and put Newt's in there, in crayon if possible, and change the pronouns if necessary.

I'd much rather talk about Roy Moore -- the Ten Commandments judge -- but apparently he may have abandoned the race! Or maybe not. It's sort of hard to tell from very lazy googling. But I promise: if he is still running, and someone wants to make the case that he has a chance after all...well, I'll be all over that. But knocking down this Newt business? C'mon, you don't need me for that, do you?


  1. Since it would be very difficult, even for a man of your talents, to match or exceed Chait's "The Newtening is Upon Us," it's probably best to let it be. The weird thing about the Newt-let is that, as Chait points out, Newt's serial heresies make Romney look like the very model of principled conservatism (forgive the oxymoron). Newt gets away with it because very few people actually listen to him and the few who do know better than to take what he says seriously.

  2. Can you give us a prediction about when Buddy Roemer will have his turn at the poll bump?

  3. Boy.
    After tonight's debate, Newt actually has a legitimate claim as the stateman in the field.
    I mean, YIKES.


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