Friday, November 18, 2011

Read Stuff, You Should

Here's some stuff for your weekend reading. By the way, the weekend should be normal schedule around here, and then I'd guess that next week will be irregular in some way, but I'm not really sure how yet. At any rate, on to the good stuff:

1. I'll start with a couple of CotD contenders what for whatever reason I didn't wind up using: Igor Volsky had Michele Bachmann's seven-foot-tall doctor who told her crazy things she believed, and Suzy Khimm takes on factually-challenged polling about the supercommittee.

2. Jordan Ragusa on the relationship between legislative salaries and corruption. Also partisanship and pizza from John Sides.

3. Paul Waldman on negative campaigning.

4. Barry Ritholtz tries his hardest to take down the "big lie" of the Great Recession.

5. Worshiping Calvin Coolidge, from David Greenberg.

6. More Newt! Much more Newt! Mark Blumenthal's Outsiders on the disgraced former Speaker, a wonderful piece on the (sometimes) lucrative field of housing history consulting from Alec MacGillis, and Kevin Drum analyzes Peak Newt.

7. Andrew Sprung has the most fun take on Cain and Libya that you'll read.

8. I don't entirely agree with Julian Sanchez on democracy and Occupy, but he's well worth reading as usual.

9. One of the best things you'll read about Citizens United and corporations as people, from Neil Sinhababu

10. Want a good example of how to do responsible third-party speculation? Steve Kornacki is it.

11. Ramesh Pannuru tries to talk sense to conservatives about the Bush years. Good luck with that. Daniel Larison chimes in.

12. Supercommittee negotiations, from Jonathan Chait.

13. And an excellent essay by Cord Jefferson about popularity, the internet, and Community. Also, ten Americans who deserve biopics, from Alyssa Rosenberg.

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