Monday, December 5, 2011

Cain Out

Well, we won't have Prince Herman to kick around any more, with his campaign ending on Saturday. It sure was fun while it lasted, though.

As far as the effects of his demise on the nomination contest, I think it depends on which of two views is correct. Some people see a GOP that is dominated by a strong anti-Romney group, a group that makes up as much as 75% of the party. If that's the case...well, if it's really close to 75%, then Romney has no chance and it doesn't matter that Cain is out. If it's in the neighborhood of 50%, however, then Romney's only path to the nomination is that the anti-Romney vote splits, and removing Cain makes that less likely. That's the logic everyone is using who says that Cain's demise helps Newt Gingrich.

However, if the real dedicated anti-Romney group is much smaller, which is how I read it, then the situation is different. As far as Romney vs. Gingrich is concerned, the problem for Mitt is that Gingrich should be fairly easily destroyed with a negative campaign, but going negative in a multicandidate race is tricky -- voters could easily wind up turning against both the target and the attacker. So what Romney wants is to narrow the field down, eliminating each of those who could benefit from that effect. And each candidate who self-immolates is a plus because Romney gets closer to one-on-one without becoming the bad guy.

(If that's true, Romney also needs Republicans to be immune from the charms of Ron Paul, who probably isn't going anywhere -- in other words, Romney's best realistic case after New Hampshire is three left standing, with Paul's support capped at a relatively small sliver of the party).

Now, in the event, whether Cain actually stayed or not didn't much matter because his support was already on its way to being completely gone, and perhaps it was unlikely at this point that he could have ever revived no matter what. But the real question here is whether winnowing the field rapidly is good for Romney -- as I see it -- or bad for him. If the ideal hope for Romney is that he can narrow it to one-on-one plus Paul, and then benefit from a tide of endorsements and positive coverage in the partisan press, then he's one step closer than he was a month ago.


  1. Didn't Agatha Christie write something about this?

  2. PS. It just crossed my mind to ask whether someone, somewhere in the far frozen north, is sitting countng her fingers and waiting for the call?

  3. Richard, I don't think so. She's already missed a pile of deadlines to register, and more are coming off every week. She won't be a candidate this time, the ballot access issues are too great.

    If Romney (or someone else) wrapped up a big delegate win but was forced to withdraw thereafter, Palin might conceivably try to compete for the freed delegates. Otherwise (and that's very unlikely) it will never happen.

  4. Voters who turn off Romney for going negative won't go to Bachmann Santorum Paul or Perry (nor would they have gone to Cain if they hadn't already). The only destination would be Huntsman (who has himself gone quite negative). Other than that they could not vote at all or the attacks could backfire and they could go to Newt, a problem that still exists for him in a winnowed down field. Romney's is a conventional campaign and will attack Gingrich in conventional ways i.e. ask his surrogates to do the dirty work.

  5. As to who might receive the immediate benefit of Cain's departure, Bartels suggests that (in Tennessee, at least) Cain and Gingrich supporters are most similar to each other.

  6. Paul has high enough numbers that he has a chance of winning the Iowa Caucuses. That would really shake up the race even if he probably can't be the nominee. (Paul's GOP support may be capped but there are lots of Paul sympathizers out there that don't usually vote in GOP primaries). Should be getting way more attention.

  7. Gallup published a study of the GOP candidates' measure of 'acceptable candidate' among Republicans and GOP-leaning Independents.

    Gingrich leads with +28 (62% acceptable, 34% say not), Romney with +13 is the only other candidate currently "acceptable" to more target primary voters than not. But it's Rick Perry at -11 in third place - and he's the one who could quickly ramp up the fundraising and campaign organization to take advantage, if the "ABR" contingent goes shopping again.

    Also, too: Ron Paul came in third to last at -28, with 62% saying he was unacceptable to them. So while the Iowa caucuses provide a punchers' chance for him to win a 29%-26%-24% decision, there's no reason to think he can compete in wider-participation primary states down the road.

    But I think JB's consternation over so many people taking Gingrich seriously calls for a meme:


  8. JS,

    I love it. As you no doubt have seen, as you were writing that I posted on the same poll -- I was thinking about making the same point about Perry (and Paul), but I was afraid of being guilty of overkill.

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