Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating the day. So, who in the political world (loosely defined) would you like to buy a gift for? And, if you feel so moved, what would it be?  No snark or sarcasm, please; we're trying to keep with the spirit here.


  1. First of all Merry Christmas. I love the fact that you continue to pretend that more than ten conservatives read your blog.

  2. Rand Paul for battling the neocons on foreign policy and defending civil liberties in the Senate. Some Kentucky bourbon.

  3. Mercer, I'll pitch in for that.

    And in the Christmas Spirit, I'd also like to get something nice for Barney Frank. His commitment to principle brought him to join forces with Ron Paul in a futile attempt to end both our imperial foreign policy and unconstitutional war on drugs. He also insisted on debating every opponent, even the LaRouchie primary opponent with the picture of Obama wearing a Hitler mustache.

    And finally, for Paul himself, I understand he likes gardening... so I think a nice trowel set. The Old Grey Lady treated him and his family to a nice Christmas expose on his white nationalist fan base. But Paul deserves something other than coal in his stocking because, while no one really thinks he's a racist, he has managed to threaten the establishment by courageously speaking uncomfortable moral truths.

  4. Merry Christmas! Oh, and Mercer, you don't think he's got a nice stockpile of his own already ;)

  5. no one really thinks he's a racist

    No, I think he's a racist, and I think anyone who doesn't think it is fooling themselves. The stuff speaks quite well for itself. I think Ron Paul would ask me to take seriously the things he says. Many of the things he has said are insightful and courageous. Many of the things he has said are disgustingly racist.

  6. Tybalt, if you believe that he wrote the stuff quoted from the newsletters -- yes, then he's obviously a racist. But Paul has a long public record of speaking very candidly and never saying anything like that... never so much as a dog whistle, as far as I can tell.

    Would a racist talk about the racial injustice of the war on drugs? Or how about the lamentable killing of innocent Muslims? The circumstantial evidence does not point to him being a racist. However, the racist baggage of his past associates may well sink his candidacy before anything else does... I hope he enjoys the trowels.

  7. "Tybalt, if you believe that he wrote the stuff quoted from the newsletters -- yes, then he's obviously a racist."

    Newsletters where the author talks about being Ron Paul, in the first person, with personal details about Ron Paul. Newsletters held out by Ron Paul to the public as being written by Ron Paul. I believe it; because until it started to be a problem for him, Ron Paul would have had me believe it.

  8. Mitt Romney, who I think is potentially the strongest Republican Presidential nominee since Reagan, and is much more consistently conservative on issues than much of the Right gives him credit for. Some are simply in denial that strongly conservative positions on social issues are incompatible with winning statewide office in Massachusetts, and that he had to adapt to a difficult competitive environment for Republicans in Massachusetts. I would get him someone like Peggy Noonan to add to his speechwriting team, someone capable of delivering somewhat more inspiring rhetoric than is present in his recent speeches.


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