Friday, December 2, 2011

Catch of the Day

Let's go with one to Ed Kilgore, who tweeted a link to Ramesh Ponnuru's endorsement of Mitt Romney -- which I agree is worth a look -- but then commented: "Gotta wonder, though, if "Romney's the One" header for @RameshPonnuru endorsement was conscious or unconscious allusion to Nixon." Made me laugh.

Anyway, I'm really just looking for a peg to hang links to my latest TNR column, in which I try to explain why early polls probably aren't good predictors of primary election results, and my latest Plum Line post, in which I collect some anti-Newt quotes from people who have worked with him. And that's before this one came out. NRO's Dan Foster put it best: "Serious question, are there any notable GOP House members from the Gingrich-era that don't secretly or openly despise him?"

I suppose while I'm at it I should link to something that Kilgore has written other than the tweet...ah, there we go: I enjoyed this case for negative campaigning, although I'm not sure I agree with all of his logic, but I do favor negative campaigns. Should have linked to that earlier. You all know you should be reading him, right?

And I'll also link to a nice graph from Seth Masket of endorsements. He has (and I think the data come from Nate Silver) one governor supporting Newt, but another source I've seen in the last day or two didn't have any; not sure what the truth is there.

At any rate: nice catch!


  1. Yessir, I do believe the lefties are afraid of Mr. Gingrich, and want Mr. Romney. ;-)

    And I wouldn't run off with anything Mr. Ponnuru or anybody at Nanny Review says, as they're all pretty much in the tank for Romney. Here's the money quote from his column:

    "Most of the time conservative activists should be trying to reduce the risks of advancing conservative initiatives..."

    You mean, they should keep conservative rhetoric under wraps, like that idiot loser Reagan did, Mr. Porrunu? ;-)

  2. @Anon, if only someone could make a penny off every time one of you blowhard conservatives commented that we were scared of someone. I'm surprised we aren't all gray-haired zombies still trembling out of fear of ... Palin, Trump, Perry, Cain, now Gingrich. Listen, Mr. Brave Anon, get a new line, you idiot broken record.

    Non-conservatives comment on Republican races because we watch them. We actively keep ourselves informed. We exercise our first amendment rights. You do too, insipidly.

    [Done feeding troll.]

  3. Actually, the commentary on this site about the R nomination is about as shallow as you could find. I posted on it below, about the obvious Anybody But Romney characteristics of the R primary electorate, and the follow-on conservative responses were a series of head noddings at the obviousness of my commentary. But it's all greek to you lefties. You may be watching, but judging from this site, that's all you're doing, because there's little understanding.

    As for the candidates, I'd say we conservatives don't really care much about the major candidates, as they seem to be shaking out to 2 unprincipled, careerist political hacks. The only interesting part of it now is which of these you lefties want, Romney, and which you fear most, and that appears to be Gingrich. How do I know this? I watch you.

  4. So . . . Anonymous Prime finds the commentary here "about as shallow as you could find" but persists in posting more frequently than anyone else. I think that settles the question of why he/she is here.

    To JB, I understand the desire to have more active commentary from the right (and I'd actually like to see that too), but this one is making the site harder to read. DNFTT.


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