Saturday, December 24, 2011

What Mattered This Week?

Well, the folks who know about this stuff say that the EPA regulations are a big deal, so let's start with that.

Next, the economy, continuing to avoid disaster (that's the big What Mattered) and even producing yet more moderately good news -- although the immediate news was mixed this week.

Lots of stuff out of Syria that seems to matter. Iraq, too, perhaps.

I'm not convinced that anything in the final negotiations over the payroll tax/UI extension bill really was all that important. It was important that they finished FY2012 appropriations -- but I'm still pretty unclear about what all was in it, so I'm waiting for more news on that. Also, it matters that the exec branch and judicial nominations have broken down again. Next move, the president -- let's see what he does.

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  1. Iraq mattered, I'd say. The bombings weren't surprising, but I thought it would take at least a couple months for things to unravel.

    Oh yeah, North Korea? That mattered a lot. Now we know even less about how that country functions than we did before.


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