Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elsewhere: Judges, Election Day

It's an election day, with primaries in Ala in Hawaii and American Samoa. I'll be writing over at Plum Line later, and I may or may not add something here, depending mostly on whether anything interesting happens. Make that, depending on whether two interesting things happen, since the first one goes there. I did a quicky preview for Post Partisan earlier today.

Meanwhile, over at Greg's place today, I wrote about the upcoming showdown over District Court nominees.

As I said over there, I'm amazed by the latest GOP spin, which comes down to: we're not obstructing anything, and we'll be happy to cooperate as long as Harry Reid agrees not to bring up any of the nominations. That's the spirit of comity! Lamar Alexander complained, speaking of which, that Reid was violating traditional comity by filing cloture petitions despite the precedent that no one does that, and surely not 17 times, for district judges. True enough; but only, of course, because no previous Majority Leader has ever had to. Again, Republicans could easily make those cloture petitions go away by agreeing to allow votes.

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  1. Doesn't all this violate the spirit and probably the letter of the agreements made by the Gang of 14 during the Bush administration and also between Reid and McConnell in January 2010? Time for the nuclear option maybe?


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