Monday, March 12, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Barbara Feldon, 79. Years old, that is; she is, of course, 99 and always will be.

The good stuff:

1. Josh Putnam on the delegate count. See also, as I think I've mentioned, Democratic Convention Watch for their delegate count and projection.

2. Choosing between political science grad schools -- or considering it in the future? A good discussion thread over at The Monkey Cage, begun by Erik Voeten. 

3. Sarah Kliff on "how the Republican Party became pro-life." Also, Suzy Khimm on political dynasties. In both cases, great jobs of spreading word from new academic research.

4. Andrew Sprung on Romney and Obamacare's "Phantom Limb."

5. And a good piece by Jamelle Bouie on the prospects for 2012. One caveat: I agree with his main point that the outcome of the presidential election is uncertain and, at this point, either outcome is about equally likely -- but I don't agree that this means we're necessarily in for a close election. A blow-out in either directly is still very possible.


  1. "how the Republican Party became pro-life"

    I guess it would be around the time that Jerry Falwell became de facto head of the party.

  2. I don't mean to be snarky, because I really enjoy this blog and think you are one of the best commentators out there on this 2012 cycle. That all said ...

    ... did I read this post right to say, at this stage, the outcome of this presidential election is very likely

    a) a close election where Obama wins;

    b) a close election where Romney wins;

    c) a blow-out election where Obama wins;

    d) a blow-out election where Romney wins.

    Did that cover the alternatives?

    Something tells me you're not a huge fan of the forecasting models as a way of predicting national popular vote, this far out from Election Day ...


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