Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day!

Instead of writing a Fourth of July mini-essay this morning, I'm going to enjoy (well, I hope) the Giants/Nats game on TV, followed by pick-up  basketball, so I'll cheat a little and send you back to last year's post. It's about politics, and about the mix of liberal and republican ideas of politics which I think are what the Revolution, the Constitution, and subsequently the governing of the nation are all about.

So, Happy Fourth! Now I just have to work out which patriotic movie to watch many good choices.


  1. That game was not very enjoyable after all.

  2. For your movie, may I suggest Team America: World Police?

  3. Most patriotic movie of the past year - Coriolanus.

  4. Can I suggest the classic Bill Murray vehicle "Stripes"?

  5. I probably missed the deadline: how about "Tender Mercies"? Not traditionally patriotic, but perhaps the right movie for the moment, as we're all kind of the Bob Duvall character today: prosperous, sort of, but seemingly only in an arms-length kind of way, until tragedy brings the 'prosperity' home. Or something like that.

    1. Hmmm...Tender Mercies isn't really my favorite. I did listen to "Blood on the Tracks", though -- is that close?

      The original plan was to watch the 1970s Superman, or North by Northwest, or Hail the Conquering Hero!. However, we wound up in a fierce Monopoly game, and ran out of time. Well, that was part of it.

      Let's see: I did watch chunks of several Firefly episodes plus bits of Star Wars; I'd say they count, although I suppose one could argue about it.

      I haven't seen Coriolanus yet. Actually, never saw any version of it, and haven't read it. It's on my list. Never saw "Best Years," either.

      I'd put Teamm America much higher than Stripes, although I'm not sure I've actually seen all of Stripes, so I'm not sure how fair that is.

      Oh, and I watched a little of Brother Rat, which surely counts in some way or another (granted, so far it seems to have as much Confederacy patriotism as the other kind). Although Reagan wasn't in the bit I watched today.

  6. Sorry about the Giants' loss. (Well, not really, since my Dodgers beat the Reds and the Giants' loss helped them move up.) (Why am I a dodger fan? you ask. Because, in 1955, when I, living in in Indianapolis, Indiana, began paying attention to baseball, the Dodgers had the greatest baseball player in the world [TM], Jackie Robinson.)

  7. Every time the Science Channel has a Firefly marathon all my plans for being productive go out the window.


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