Thursday, July 26, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Nana Visitor, 55. Outside of being a lot of fun as the Intendant, I thought she was quite good in her BSG guest spot.

A bit of the good stuff:

1. I'll kill two birds here. I wrote something that I pretty much liked over at PP yesterday about the "who invented the internet?" thing that's going around and conservative feedback loops..but have since found out that Alex Pareene had already been there. In my defense, he didn't get to it until the end of an item, but it was a nice item.

2. Annie Lowrey: "Senate passes extension of the tax cut for the first $250k of income (not earners up to $250k!). #petpeeves"

3. Nate Silver on "the incredibly steady presidential race." I think it's mostly an effect of how efficiently the GOP operates these days; often, it takes a long while for the challenger to gain the support of his party, but this year it basically was a done deal by April.

4. A really excellent post by Jamelle Bouie about how to make elections more competitive.

5. And via TPM, Al Franken's Senate-floor tribute to Tom Davis.


  1. "for the challenger to gain support of . . . . . " Tell me! Tell me!

    1. Ugh. Thanks, fixed.

      I started writing a longish paragraph, decided to save it for later, and then forgot to clip the beginning of it. So now there's the one-sentence version. Sorry all for the sloppiness.

  2. I think the race is stable because of partisan polarization. We already made up our minds, and we did so years ago.

  3. In your column about the internet, you refer to the massive amount of misinformation put out by Republicans. I'd expect that they do that to create a pleasing narrative for the base. Is there any reason to think, though, that this hurts Republicans with independents? Republicans must not think it does, since they keep doing it over and over.


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