Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Javier Lopez, 35. OK, the upside of a guy such as Lopez is fairly limited, but there sure are a lot of teams that didn't want him. Drafted by Arizona. Went Rule V to the Red Sox. Traded to the Rox for a minor league pitcher who I think was a non-prospect, and at any rate never got a cup of coffee. Picked up on waivers by Arizona. Then a free agent, and signed by the White Sox, presumably for close to the minimum. Traded to the Red Sox for middling RH RP David Riske; that's by far the best value anyone got for him. Then a FA again, signing with the Pirates. And finally traded to the Giants for two scrubs, Joe Martinez and John Bowker. He hasn't always been great, and yes, his upside is very limited, but still...

The good stuff:

1. OK, I don't know how much people care about this, but I'm really glad that Alex Pareene tried to sort out the Brett Kimberlin thing...even though I'm still sort of baffled about all of it.

2. A comprehensive look at Obama-era changes in the tax code, from Dylan Matthews.

3. Alyssa Rosenberg on Pink.

4. And an awesome tribute to Greg Veis from the NYT Magazine -- and by the way, the Magazine has just been excellent, and much improved, during his tour there. Hope it stays that way.

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  1. The best part about the Pareene article is the comments on it that just reinforce the main point: there are a lot of people on both sides whose internet personalities are very angry, and it bleeds out into their real life for a few of them.


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