Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Question for Liberals

Same question: just for speaking ability, who are you looking forward to hearing at the Democratic Convention this year?


  1. Elizabeth Warren. Wishing Hillary could go though

  2. Going to go with Martin O'Malley. He's a very talented public speaker and great and laying out the sort of "prosecutorial"line of attack against his opponents. Conservatives like talking about how Chris Cristie is some sort of great orator, but he's never struck me as being that good. He specialty seems to be verbally abusing kindergarten teachers, which strikes me as is neither particularly impressive (i can verbally abuse kindergarten teachers too) or particularly effective at convincing suburban moderates to vote for Mitt Romney. O'Malley is much more effective at attacking people like incumbent governors (when he was a mayor) and presidents of the city council (when he was an obscure member of said council). So I expect a good "tough" speech that actually connects with people who aren't necessarily dead set in agreement with him. Anyway I suspect it will be a good speech. In addition, there's all sorts of buzz about him running for president in 2016 so it will be national debut of sorts and it could go very well, see Obama in 2004, or very poorly like Clinton in 1988. Either way it will be interesting to watch.

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    1. Introduced, no doubt, by the next mayor of NYC, Anthony Weiner.

  4. Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Robert Reich

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  6. "Hello. I'm Al Franken."

    ten-minute standing ovation.

  7. I'm so tired of speaking ability when the words and ideas are hollow or ludicrous.

    I'd like to hear Gov. Brown of California talk about how he's trying to balance his state budget and all the hurdles and tough choices involved. Of course, I guess that just proves I'm not interested in the pep-rally aspects.

  8. Elizabeth Warren! I know she isn't a shoo-in for that Senate seat, but make her the keynote speaker! Make that entire convention remind people that it was the selfishness of the very rich that messed us up!

  9. Don't care. Never watch the speeches in either convention; 2008 was the only one I watched in many years, and that was mostly excitement over not-Bush.


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