Thursday, September 20, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Sophia Loren, 78.

The good stuff:

1. Hey, a local House race is getting national press! A new poll has challenger Pete Gallego leading first-term Republican incumbent Quico Canseco by five points in TX 23. Reported by Scott Bland, who does an excellent job with House elections.

2. Speaking of which: a House seat prediction from Eric McGhee, John Sides, and Ben Highton. See also Eric on the uncertainty in the forecast...and what it's good for, anyway.

3. Also, Republican chances in the Senate are weakening; Nate Silver has the numbers.

4. Ooooh, shiny., preparing to replace Thomas, which will not be missed. Explanation by Emi Kolawole. Have at it, reporters and Congress scholars (and lobbyists, and Hill staffers, and...).

5. And Amy Fried's point about "47%" -- it's all in the context of those focus group people who just wouldn't believe that any politician would support policies that horrible.

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  1. Pawlenty: rat (fleeing sinking ship) or (sacrificial) lamb?
    Or neither?


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