Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Which, if any, current Republican Senate candidates do you have high hopes for within the Senate (and perhaps beyond) should they win in November?


  1. Which, if any, current Republican... Why comment on a blog that clearly invokes its bias in the question it asks.

    1. Anon, isn't he asking liberals the same question? I'm not sure why you're taking offense.

    2. Yeah, it's about par for the course for Anon; astonishing bias in using the exact same wording in both questions. I'm pretty tired of it, and thinking of zapping him/her pretty much across the board, but I'll throw the question out to everyone to get some advice: what do you think? I'm putting it down here because I'm especially interested in what conservative readers think, but it's open to everyone.

    3. JB: I don't know if the Anon above is the Usual Anon, but the Usual Anon is just a troll. When other posters take his arguments at face value and try to respectfully engage him (I've tried before), he name calls and/or outright lies about what he and others have posted in those very same comment sections.

      My usual preference with trolls, to avoid censoring unpopular opinions mistaken for trolling, is to just let them do their thing and others can see their name and skip their posts. Here, since anyone can post anonymously and hence I can't just skip his posts, I don't know what I prefer.

    4. JB, I'd only offer the view that The Usual Anon dilutes both your material and the conversations that occur from it, and he's got plenty of other places to spout nonsense.

  2. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Barry Hinckley (Rhode Island) for opposing the NDAA and calling for an end to the wars.

    Michael Baumgartner (Washington) has campaigned aggressively against the war and used his opponent’s record on civil liberties against her:

    Baumgartner also gets bonus points for telling the craven partisan press to go screw:

  3. Josh Mandel of Ohio is young, bright and telegenic, though he is slight underdog in his race against Sen. Brown. Even if he loses narrowly, he likely has a bright future running for statewide office soon; he's only 34 years old. Ted Cruz of Texas is also bright, young, and telegenic, and he's a sure thing to win in November. He's also of Cuban descent, and in the future could find himself on a national Republican ticket. It will be interesting to see if he can get over 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas, where Hispanics are not quite as Democratic as in California or on the East Coast.


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