Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Which speech at the Republican National Convention, if any, deserved more attention than it received?


  1. I'm not a conservative, but I thought Huckabee's speech was pretty good. He's clearly the most talented national Republican not named Bush.

  2. Toss-up: Mitt Romney, Rubio, Ann Romney......Oh heck, they were all great! Unfortunately, you only could see the entire production on c-span. There are just too many talking heads!

  3. I'd have to say the chair's rebuttal to Clint Eastwood, which was regrettably missed by virtually everyone, including C-SPAN.

    Particularly poignant: when the chair gave a shout-out to his drinking buddy "Ghost Man on Third", noting that in the era of nerdy, if-I-can't-measure-it-it-doesn't-exist sabermetrics, his old friend the Ghost Man has taken a serious hit to his equity.

  4. Rubio did unexpectedly well and Portman (my first choice for VP candidate) did unexpectedly poorly, but since Portman was not in prime time only political junkies saw the speech. Portman is extremely bright and very knowledgable about domestic policy details, but he needs to work on his public speaking. Somewhat like the late Senator Robert Taft of Ohio from 1938 to 1953, Portman's likely the best mind in the Senate Republican caucus on domestic public policy, but his mediocre speaking skills prevent him from being a viable Presidential candidate.


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