Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Norm! Happy Birthday to George Wendt, 64.

Morning-after good stuff:

1. Tim Carney has good fun with Barack Obama's foolish lobbyist ban -- and foolish reporters who bought it. My view? The only thing that's any good about the ban are all the waivers granted to allow good people to work in the administration.

2. Excellent post by Mark Blumenthal about reading the polls in a close race.

3. Fifty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, from Heather Hurlburt.

4. I suppose everyone saw this already, but I do have to link to my brother's gotcha on "binders full of women."

5. And of course it's not an official debate without Ann Friedman's GIF version


  1. Brilliant take-down on lobbyists. I had given Obama a chance until he said that.

    It does hurt on the lower levels in terms of getting a job. And of course, the fact that Axelrod was putting such a hold on every federal position didn't help.

  2. You show me a single president (or even politician) who has managed to keep every promise they made, and I will show you an alien, a ghost, and a unicorn in the same room.

    1. It's kind of interesting that every legit critique of Obama is met by some hyperbolic silliness about how we shouldn't expect him to be, like, PERFECT.

      Nobody's saying Presidents keep all their promises. But Obama *pounded* transparency on the campaign trail. Like, constantly. And it's not the kind of promise you need to wrestle through a hostile Congress or anything.

      Also, you're kind of missing the point of the Carney piece, which is more a piece of media criticism than an inherent swipe at Obama.


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