Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Arthur Rhodes, one of my very favorites, 43.

World Series tonight; meanwhile, good stuff:

1. Keith Humphreys writes in defense of Arlen Specter, disputing my claims to the contrary. He may be correct!

2. What may be going on in Ohio, from Nate Cohn.

3. Reporting on binders of women and Big Bird, by Amanda Hess.

4. Joshua Tucker on Intrade; see also a follow-up.

5. And for the last time, at least for this cycle, another edition of Ann Friedman's brilliant debate wraps.


  1. A good post on Gender Gap:

  2. That's a great narrative for the history books, isn't it? Ohio awards Obama the Presidency because he saved the auto industry. We'll see if it comes true.

  3. Re: Cohn: So much for George Will's theory!

  4. No World Series predictions? Surely Giants in 7 after staving off at least 2 elimination games.

  5. Upon returning home from a day spent retrieving saxophones from the repair magician, I found DesMoines Register off-the-record, now on-the-record interview with President Obama, courtesy of a post by Andrew Sprung.

    Read stuff you should; particularly this interview.


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