Thursday, November 1, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Marcia Wallace, 70.

Quickly to some good stuff:

1. Dylan Mathews and Ezra Klein bring us a revenue calculator: make Mitt Romney's tax plan add up!

2. If you like that sort of thing, perhaps you'll like Joseph Cera's electoral college simulator.

3. I missed this for some reason, but you shouldn't: E.J. Graff on freedom.

4. What exactly is up with GOP attacks on the plain facts of the polls? Robert Farley speculates, sensibly.

5. And I think Alyssa Rosenberg is largely right in arguing against Joss Whedon for Star Wars, and especially for the tendency to think that pretty much he should make all the movies and all the TV shows. But I'd say Buffy vs. Angel at the end of Season 2 and Buffy vs. Faith at the end of Season 3 were both pretty awesome, and that he handled the big blowout in The Avengers about as well as anyone possibly could. Also, I'm trying really, really, hard to stay out of any of these discussions, especially on twitter, but I'll add that anyone who thinks Ronald Moore would be good for Star Wars either doesn't get BSG/DS9, or really wants Star Wars to be far, far, far, more about The Force than it ever has been. But if there is a non-Jedi scoundrel role, hard to think of anyone better than Katee Sackhoff to play it.


  1. The second time I watched Avengers I was struck by the big action sequence in the midst of the NYC battle that's set up to look as if it were filmed in a single shot. I've never seen anything quite like that in a superhero film before; it felt like an attempt to duplicate the impact of a double-page comics spread using film.

  2. Washington Post is right on, Romney's plan is too full of promises and just all talk and no real answer as to how he would implement these changes to the tax code while keeping tax revenues the same.

  3. I would support Joss for Star Wars. Perhaps even better though would be Brad Bird (Incredibles, Iron Giant)

    No matter who we support in the end, at least everyone can agree that it is great to see Lucas on the sidelines where he belongs.


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