Friday, November 16, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Martha Plimpton, 42

And straight to a bit of good stuff:

1. Where are the statewide black politicians? Jamelle Bouie is looking for them.

2. Team Obama's use of social networks and other fancy stuff, by Seth Masket.

3. Doug Mataconis on whether the GOP actually gets anything out of Fox News, Rush, and the rest of it (answer: probably not).

4. Ross Douthat on where Republicans should retreat. Interesting. There's an analogy available here in the way that Democrats retreated on the death penalty and on gun control, without many of their politicians actually changing their positions. Could that be a model for how Republicans retreat on marriage?

5. Patterns in voting: white women. By Lynn Sanders, Carah Ong, and Adam Hughes.


  1. It's worth noting that Mataconis claims to be a libertarian, so he does not see clear GOP victories such as the Bush tax cuts as "conservative," for some reason. If you step away from labels, it's clear that the GOP got a lot of what it wanted during the Bush years. They can now claim that things like Medicare Part D or invading Iraq weren't "conservative," but it's surely what they wanted at the time.

    And I would further posit that the Bush presidency was the biggest prize claimed by the Newt/Rush/Fox axis. By neutralizing Clinton during the 2000 election - and we've seen once again what an effective campaigner he can be - they arguably shifted enough votes to let Bush prevail.

  2. Now they're just trolling Plain Blog: "Democratic Solution To The Filibuster: Make Them Talk"


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