Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Stan Musial, 92.

The good stuff:

1. Excellent article on women in politics and the remaining barriers by Kate Sheppard, but it isn't quite true that Heidi Heitkamp is the "first woman to represent North Dakota in Congress, ever." First woman elected to do so, but when Quentin Burdick died in 1992, Jocelyn Burdick served for two months.

2. Really good point about unintended consequences and Senate reform from Sarah Binder. Something I need to keep in mind more often: what we "see" happening in the Senate may not reveal to us the full options that both sides have under the rules. So if one rule is changed, that might just mean that other options get exploited. 

3. And Sarah Kliff on ACA implementation and ignorance.


  1. Something I've been wondering about the filibuster reform drive is whether the push for a talking filibuster is likely to be transformed into something fairly different before it succeeds. I know that the talking filibuster is the proposal that everyone's signing onto now. But if people understand themselves to be signing on as general supporters of filibuster reform, and some other version of filibuster reform looks good to Harry Reid and whoever is in the room at the moment of decision, is it possible that we just get the other thing?

    1. Getting to this late...but, yeah, I think that's a possibility -- that the talking stuff is just a cover for what they really want to do. So much depends on the details, which we don't even have for the proposal. Let alone what they finally wind up with.


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