Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Baseball Post

One of the things about spring training is that it's sort of difficult to figure out what we're watching for. As fans, I mean. Obviously, the number one thing is always new injuries, and on-pace recovery from old ones. What else?

Well, when it comes to the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, I decided last week that there was one thing I was going to care about this spring: Brandon Belt and extra base hits. Oh, there are other things that I can think of for 2013 that are bigger unknowns...Lincecum, of course, and whether Sandoval can play 140 games (and hit), and if Scutaro will get very old very suddenly...but I don't think spring training will really provide even small clues on any of that. Belt, though: last year he had BA .275 with a .421 SLG. That was his 24 year old season. It's still possible he could be a significant plus player...but more likely that he'll be solid through his prime and nothing more, and even possible he could still flame out. So I'm looking for signs, even very weak ones, that there's serious power potential here. Thus, watching his spring training performance.

Mostly, though, health, health, and health.

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  1. Yeah I hold my breath and hope everybody makes it through spring training healthy. Aside from that I watch how the top prospects who have a chance to make the ML roster do keeping in mind that spring training stats are the perfect example of Small Sample Size. Plus I track how players returning from injury are doing and whether they will be ready by opening day. Spring training stats and record? Meh.


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