Monday, March 11, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jerry Zucker, 63. There really aren't a lot of movies better than Top Secret!

Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff:

1. John Sides on the partisan press.

2. Dan Larison brings us a key quote about modern and pre-modern warfare, from a new book about the law of war.

3. More on Senate procedure and the Rand Paul filibuster from Sarah Binder.

4. What happened to Gallup, from Mark Blumenthal.


  1. Any discussion of Gallup's woes must include that it is almost certainly negligent and possibly criminal enterprise:

    "One of his first assignments was to prepare the internal budget for part of a $7.5 million contract awarded to Gallup by the U.S. Mint to conduct market research on the likely purchasers of newly issued $1 presidential coins, according to the suit.

    A Gallup partner, Sameer Abraham, instructed Lindley to create a smaller internal budget, calling for significantly fewer hours of work, the complaint said. Abraham brought Lindley paperwork with the higher numbers submitted to the Mint crossed out and lower numbers written in their place, according to the suit.

    “I knew something was wrong,” Lindley said in an interview. “It was two sets of books. He wanted me to create a different internal budget that was vastly reduced in comparison to the official budget that had been submitted to the Mint.”

    The practice allowed Gallup to earn outsized profits from its government business, according to the Justice Department. Two Gallup partners frequently boasted that the profit margins on government contracts were among the highest in the company, according to the suit."

  2. 1. John Sides on the partisan press.

    Journolist/J-List: it was outed. Almost all members of the press are democrats. If members of the press work to retain the fictive worldview that they are non-partisan seekers of truth (ha! ha! ha!) there's no way to stop them. But there's no reason to act as if they are serious people.


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