Friday, June 14, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Matt Freeman, 47.

Plus a little good stuff:

1. Josh Putnam's latest update on the 2016 calendar.

2. The Founders online? Cool.

3. And Ann Friedman on "the daughter problem."


  1. When you're doing your things that mattered post, the Myriad decision should be on your "things that mattered this decade" list:

  2. That was a terrible article by Ann Friedman. Very fact-free.

    So I'll give my own fact-free supposition: The Obama Administration did, at the Federal level, everything any conservative or Republican Administration or state Legislature might try.

    Here's something not fact-free: That the Administration tried and failed in the courts basically means that any other attempts to do the same will be short-circuited by case law. Preventing conservatives from playing around with contraceptive access in the future.


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