Thursday, July 11, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to David Henrie, 24

And some good stuff:

Do political science majors make good political reporters? Can they get jobs? John Sides discusses, based on new research.

Rick Wilson on "The War on Social Science."

And Dan Drezner is having fun.


  1. Very nice, but I need my Watergate fix Jon. It's been 9 days and 23 hours...

  2. Hey I think we should all start making predictions about the farm bill vote this afternoon, personally I think we will see another fiasco and some conservative GOP Congressmen will vote with the dem's and kill it.

    Say what you will about this Congress, but it is actually interesting. The majority bringing up a vote that they then lose? That's suppose to be rare.

    1. Years from now, I'm looking forward to reporting that will clarify to what extent Boehner is consciously managing all or most of this to leverage things to the right (a variation on the crazy man strategy), to what extent he's not and just barely skirting by, and for what reason he so relishes this majority leader role if it's such a constant crisis situation in which he takes the punches from all sides.


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