Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Question for Conservatives

The flip side of last week's question: what politician are you most embarrassed at having supported?

As with last week, I'm not looking for big changes you've made (in other words, not looking for those who supported McGovern or Clinton or Obama when they were young and liberal) -- I'm interested in either politicians who disappointed you by being something other than what you thought at the time, or (equally interesting to me) politicians you didn't like at the time but thought were the best choice for strategic reasons.


  1. I defended Sarah Palin a lot in the 2008 election, but it later became clear she didn't have the character to be in a position of responsibility.

    And George W Bush was the first President I voted for. Although I'm not convinced Kerry would have been better.

    As a New Yorker, I am embarrassed by some recent candidates for statewide office (Carl Paladino and Wendy Long.) Plus, a congressional candidate I liked (Dan Halloran) was arrested on bribery charges.

    1. @Mets -- Paladino was all over the news, but I don't think I heard a thing about Long xcept that one NYT article about how she and Gillibrand had overlapped each other at college. What was so embarrassing about her?

      [Btw, here's a piece of trivia: Amity Shlaes (author of recent books in defense and praise of Hoover and Coolidge, as well as of many columns that have baffled and delighted liberal bloggers) was felt out for that seat. I don't think she ever seriously considered running, but wouldn't that have been fun!]

    2. I'm not embarrassed by any, but only because I've never been under the impression that any politician is a savior. Sure, Sarah Palin was made to look bad by a hostile interviewer when new to national politics, but Obama might have been, too, if he had ever had to face a hostile interview.


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