Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Question for Liberals

Same one that I used for conservatives. What are you hoping for on Afghanistan? Is the agreement to keep the US there (in a non-combat role) after 2014 a good idea? Bad idea?


  1. I'm pessimistic. For me, the most plausible scenario is that Al Qaeda regroups at some point, and we go back in militarily to root them out. Hopefully in the kind of rapid, limited-term engagement that we should have done in the first place. Rinse, Repeat. I don't think the recent agreement affects this much. It is conceivable that it could delay the Al Qaeda return a bit, but I doubt it will be for long.

  2. I vote for getting out. As soon as possible. Preferably sooner.

    We did such a good job in Iraq: a country that had no al Qaeda at all is now essentially 1/3 al Qaeda. The Sunni minority had no need of al Qaeda when Hussein was keeping the Shia majority squelched, but now with positions reversed, al Qaeda is rampant.

    I forget who it was, but a reporter ran around DC sticking a mic into people's faces and asking "Is al Qaeda Sunni or Shia". He got essentially zero correct answers, so I'm not sure we Dems did any better than the idiot neocons.

    And now McCain is palling around with al Qaeda in Syria. Great.

    So I vote for getting out.


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