Thursday, December 5, 2013

Elsewhere: Zombie Rubio, Budget Showdown, more

My TAP column this week was a caution flag to the press to stop burying presidential candidates too soon; my editor over there took a fairly dry piece and added zombies to the headline...and an awesome URL.

Today at PP I reminded everyone, again, that the bottom line in government funding negotiations is that eventually there will be a deal. I've made this point repeatedly, but I have a new formulation of it today: the choice isn't deal or shutdown; it's deal or shutdown and deal.

Let's see...earlier, I said that if there's a White House problem that needs to be fixed by personnel changes, it's a substance problem, not a spin problem.

More on the invisible primary, and one of my favorite topics, which is figuring out who is a candidate and who is not, this time pegged to Elizabeth Warren: my suggestion is to watch what they do, not what they say.

And I know I already linked to this one, but why not repeat it: the case for health care re-emerging as a normal political issue.


  1. That is both a good title and URL. Editor done good on that one.

    In fact, I think you needed to go back and add some zombie references to the article, after that title/URL was added.

  2. I agree with your assessment at PP, that there is going to be a deal. And Chait is correct in his assessment of the political forces that are arrayed against sequestration on both sides.

    But... I'm still in thrall to this idea that the essential problem the Republicans have is a refusal to admit to the legitimacy of Democratic government. By such logic, any agreement with the Democrats is by its very nature tainted - even agreeing to bargain with the devil means you will lose. Accepting that Democrats not only have worthwhile ideas, but a right to power and a place at the negotiating table, is selling out.

    This kind of absolutism is just killing everyone. Marco Rubio tried to take it on in immigration reform, and got badly burned. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Paul Ryan when he announces his deal.

    1. The rhetoric and vilification of Dems in power isn't new. I remember the viciousness of the GOP against Clinton. What's strange is how many GOP reps seem to have drunk that koolaid and take that position as truth. If it gets to be the majority in the GOP, that will a catastrophe.

  3. JB, I've always been curious about your take on Howard Dean in '04. Did he have conventional credentials? Was he within the mainstream of the party? Was it surprising that he lost after getting public endorsements from Hillary Clinton and Al Gore? Thanks!


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