Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Looking back on the first session of Congress -- who is your rookie of the year? Who is the best of those newly elected in 2012?

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  1. Two Republican House members from the class of 2012 who have stood out are Ann Wagner (R-MO 2) from the St. Louis suburbs and Richard Hudson (R-NC 8) from rural southern North Carolina, including eastern exurbs of Charlotte.

    Wagner ran for RNC chair in 2011 and lost to Reince Priebus, then jumped into the open MO 2 race vacated by Senate nominee Todd Akin. She is an outstanding fundraiser, and has been raising money for Republican colleagues since before she ran for Congress. She was chosen by the freshman class to represent them with the leadership, and has been a quick study on the House Financial Services Committee. Wall Street lobbyists have found her to be more knowledgeable about financial regulation than many of her more senior colleagues.

    Richard Hudson was a staff member for three different Republican Congressmen before unseating incumbent Democrat Larry Kissell in the 2012 election. Just 41 years old, he is especially good at working the House floor to get votes for the Republican leadership, and is seen by many as a future leader of the House Republican caucus. While not yet quite as good a fundraiser as Wagner, he has the campaign ability to win re-election to Congress for many terms and to rise to a leadership position.


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