Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Question for Liberals

Same one that I did for conservatives: who was your rookie of the year for the first session of Congress? Of those first elected in 2012, who impressed you?

(Fine. I know you all are going to say Elizabeth Warren. So if you have  runner-up, add that one, too).


  1. Matt Cartwright in PA-17. Ran a primary challenge against Blue Dog Tim Holden when the seat got drawn bluer in redistricting, won, and has been the most reliable liberal in the PA delegation ever since, even though he's in a tougher district than some other Dems in safe seats. Google some of his town halls on Obamacare. His messaging has been exemplary - he acknowledges the rocky roll-out but is unwavering in his defense of the law as the right thing to do, brings local health experts and stakeholders along to answer technical questions, and makes critics (even Republicans) feel heard and it seems to be paying off. Great underrated progressive.

    1. Question: What does it mean to say Cartwright is more reliably liberal than Brady, Fattah, and Schwartz?

  2. Chris Murphy of Connecticut had to face the Newton horror as his first order of business and I'm impressed with the humanity, eloquence, and diligence he's brought to bear on the tragedy and the stalled policy push that came after. Knowing a congressman has a heart beating in there is rare enough to go a long way with me.

  3. Nothing to do with the topic, but does anyone know the link for Plainblogger's new digs?


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