Sunday, September 13, 2009

Granted, It's Better With the Hula Hoop Girl and the Grinder Girl

Great stuff from Matt Yglesias today, who points out how meaningless it is that some 70K, give or take 30K, Americans were worked up enough to attend a protest in Washington over the weekend -- and, in fact, how meaningless it would have been even if they had mobilized a number closer to the million plus they are claiming (all protest organizers overstate their numbers, then complain that the media is undercounting).

The point, of course, is that reporters and pundits should stop and ask themselves, as Dave and Paul used to, "Is This Anything?" And remember, Dave and Paul more often than not would conclude that, no, whatever was behind the curtain was not, in fact, anything.

I'll now be working on a way to incorporate "Will It Float?" into future political analysis. Also, "What's Hal Wearing?"

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