Thursday, September 24, 2009

Read Stuff, You Should

Haven't done one of these for a while, so some of this stuff is older...first, as always, what you shouldn't waste your time on. Let's go with pieces from Sunday's Week in Review. First, Frank Rich acts surprised that the rally on the mall organized and cheered on by Glenn Beck was really into...Glenn Beck. And I was less than thrilled to learn that rappers and talk radio hosts both use words, and like to rile people up -- quick, tell Bill! But the real winner was this gem of a lede from Bill Marsh:
Few were indifferent to President Obama’s cancellation last week of a plan by his predecessor to put defenses against intercontinental ballistic missiles, presumably from Iran, in Eastern Europe.
Hmm....I'm guessing that millions and millions of people were indifferent. Really.

OK, on to the good stuff:

1. You might think that since you know where Sullivan stands on torture that you can skip his Letter to Bush. You would be wrong. 100% must read. (Also on torture, see Serwer)

2. I don't agree with everything that Matthew Dickinson says about Obama's speech to Congress, but he's not someone I disagree with confidently. Well worth checking out.

3. On missile defense, as usual, you want Fred Kaplan.

4. Ezra Klein is smart about Washington here.

5. On the crazy: interesting pieces from Rick Perlstein on the ACORN flap and journalism; from Conor Friedersdorf on Thatcher, Truthers, and Birthers; Seth Masket on party politics and race; and TNC on why the Cowboys are Evil and the Giants are Good...wait, my notes must be crossed -- just read TNC. Always. (But it is a good week to be a Giants fan. At least the football Giants).

OK, now, get to it...

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