Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Health Care Collective Action Problem

No, not any of the obvious policy or political ones that you know about. I'm talking about the mind-numbing exercise going on right now in Baucus's committee. I flipped on the TV this morning, thinking I'd watch a few minutes of the markup, only to find that they're giving opening speeches. Long opening speeches. Long, long, long opening speeches. Grassley -- that noted orator -- was on when I first tuned in, so I didn't watch at all, but when I checked in next it was Olympia Snowe. Now, we all know how important Snowe is right now, so I decided to stop by for a couple of minutes, but all I got for my trouble was a bunch of boilerplate that told me nothing at all about, well, anything.

Hmmm....I was going to write more about it, but really, it just was the most dull thing you're ever going to see, and a total waste of the Senators' time. Hey Senators: Get on with it!

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