Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Baseball Post

Congrats to the Yankees, World Champs again.

My team? Well, my dad is old enough that he wasn't a kid when the Giants swept the Indians in the 1954 World Series, but not old enough to have been alive for their previous WS win (he was, BTW, at the 10-0 2nd game of the 1951 playoff, but not there the next day. Oops). He's a New Yorker, or at least he was then, which is how I got this misery...that, and spring training, and the Phoenix (Pacific Coast League) Giants, who I grew up rooting for.

Anyway, I was born a little after the McCovey line drive that haunted Charlie Brown's dreams (can't seem to find a link to the actual strip, but it's discussed here, among many other places). That means that I didn't get to watch the Giants in the World Series until 1989, when I had just moved to the Bay Area for grad school. It means I didn't get to watch the Giants win a WS game until 2002, when I was, well, not young at all. And that's it, so far -- the Giants not only haven't won a World Championship in my lifetime, but they haven't even won four World Series games in my lifetime.

I hate the Yankees.

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