Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Read Stuff, You Should

Really easy this time to select something not to read: it's Ron Rosenbaum on Hannah Arendt in Slate. If you want to read a take-down of Rosenbaum, this Steven Menashi post will do, but you're just as well off skipping the whole thing. In case you're wondering, Arendt was neither a Nazi sympathizer or a self-hating Jew; she was, however, one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. Enough said on that subject.

On to what's worth reading:

1. J.P. Green argues that Obama has already done a lot of worthwhile things, something that those afflicted with type two democratic frustration (we won! why isn't everything happening yet?) probably could use to remember. Elsewhere on the Obama trail, Amanda Marcotte is exactly right that Obama isn't to blame for right-wing crazy talk. Or, you can think about how things would be different if Hillary had won.

2. On health care, this Ezra Klein post is worth going back to if you missed it. Oh, and I agree with what Josh Putnam has to say about the House floor vote.

3. Gotta have someone from the Jonathan club. Here's Chait, reminding everyone about the structure of American government.

4. Matt Yglesias reports on how some conservatives reacted to Cao's vote on health care reform. It ain't pretty.

5. A second one from Chait -- more on Rush Limbaugh.

OK, get to it!

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  1. Good selection of articles.

    Jonathan, I was wondering if I could get you opinion on a common liberal complaint about the White House. It is becoming conventional wisdom in liberal circles that the White House undercuts itself by starting negotiations with the Hill at too low a level and that they just end up compromising on their initial compromise. You hear this a lot in regards to the stimulus bill. What is your opinion on this? I don't buy it simply cause I think Rahm & Peter Rouse would have a better understanding of Congressional politics than most bloggers but maybe I am wrong here.



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