Monday, November 9, 2009

Party Political Broadcast 3

OK, this is the last installment for this running item. I didn't have the heart to check recently, but surprise! It seems that Michael Steele's blog is finally up and running. It has yet another new name -- it's now the much more modestly titled "Steele's Blog" -- and he posted four times last week, and three posts the previous week. Granted, it's still not exactly exciting reading, but it's hard to believe that any party chair would say anything interesting; that's not their job.

The other eight blogs are also, on balance, somewhat less embarrassing -- they changed a couple more names (the hideous "Say It Loud" is now the blandly lame, and probably grammatically-challenged, "Coalitions' Blog"), and all but one of the eight have had posts within the last two weeks. Granted, there was a flurry of activity surrounding electing day, so it's possible that the whole effort will lapse back into nothing as the GOP's big triumphs in NJ and VA recede. And they'd still be better off if with three or four frequently updated blogs than with the sprawling mess they have. But, overall, it's no longer a disaster area, and therefore I think I'll stop poking fun at it.

It was fun while it lasted.

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