Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Baseball Post

Everyone knows that the greatest player born on Christmas -- and probably my all-time favorite player who never played for the Giants -- is Rickey Henderson.  Hey, Oakland -- it's time to honor him by renaming Oakland Tech as Rickey Henderson High! 

Here's the December 25 All Star Team:

1B: Walter "Union Man" Holke
2B: Nellie Fox
3B: Tom O'Malley
SS: Manny Trillo
C: Gene Lamont
LF: Rickey Henderson
CF: Jo-Jo Moore
RF: Ben Chapman
P: Pud Galvin
P: Charlie Lea

(OK, Manny Trillo isn't really a SS, but I'd rather have him there than any of the scrubs who qualify.  Couldn't find a catcher with a real career.  There are a couple guys who might be better than Tom O'Malley, but he's another favorite of mine, so why not?  No, I never heard of Walter Holke, either.  And Rickey probably really plays CF on this team, for what it's worth).

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