Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yeah, That'll Work

Lemons, Lemonade, and all that -- experience was a natural argument for Republicans to use against Barack Obama in 2008, and it made some sense to deflect claims that VP candidate Sarah Palin was not qualified for the (vice) presidency by turning those accusations back at Obama. 

In 2008.

Here's Tim Pawlenty, now, on Palin (via Sullivan), responding to whether Palin "is qualified to be president?"
She is easily as qualified as Barack Obama. I would argue she's more qualified in terms of leadership, experience, management, and supervision—actually running something. She was a mayor, head of an energy commission, and governor.

Emphasis added.

Advice to GOP: it's perhaps not the very, very best plan to run against Obama in 2012 on the basis that Mayor of Wasilla (or even governor of Minnesota) is better experience for the White House than, say, President of the United States of America. 

(Maybe the idea is that Obama isn't "really" the president?  Maybe the idea is that Obama is lacking in that important resigning experience?  Maybe Pawlenty needs to update his talking points?  Hard call).

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  1. I think the logic goes: "well, Mr. journalist who asked the question, voters voted for Obama, so I think they'll vote for someone with a comparable lack of experience."

    What the GOP has NEVER understood is that that experience question is a cover for a brains question. And every time they try the "she's like Obama" defense, I imagine a person with fair intelligence hearing that quote and responding "yeah, but she's dumb as rocks!"

    I realize that the Obama defense is their way to try to move to a new talking point, but it's a stumbling block. They have to simply punt the question and turn it around. Of course, Pawlenty has no incentive to get off the subject. His "denial" just keeps the question alive for as long as he talks...."she was a mayor, HEAD OF AN ENERGY COMMISSION, and governor...." Every one of those things is Pawlenty running for president: Mayor (of a podunk town), head of an energy commission (yeah, that'll make people think she's qualified), and governor (the thing she quit). Honestly, if Pawlenty wants to beat Palin, questions like this allow him to be a good soldier while simultaneously fragging his comrade. He's "defending" Palin, but he and everyone listening know the defense is hollow.


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