Friday, December 25, 2009

Read Stuff, You Should

Before I start...a belated welcome to new readers, and many thanks to Ezra for the link.  Also, Happy Christmas to those who are celebrating today.  For the new folks, this is my version of the tab dump...I do it irregularly, more or less once a week.  Most of these you've seen links to before, but I try to include items you may not have bothered to read through at first, along with those that you may not have seen.  Also: I generally start with something that I wouldn't recommend reading.

And this week, it's Frank Rich's shark-jumping column from this past Sunday, the one about Tiger Woods.  Or something like that.  Hint to Rich: fraud existed even before the 21st century.  Really.

OK, now to the good stuff:

1. As TNC says, "The war is long. When you've outlasted Strom Thurmond, Joe Lieberman is cake."  Yup, I'm starting with some recent good items on health care, for those who aren't sick of the whole subject.  Begin with Ezra Klein on some hard-working Senators, and Matt Yglesias's follow-up on Harry Reid.  Matt also has a wonderful metaphor for those lefty kill-billers who have a narrow focus on the insurance industry (I just want to know if they're against COBRA).  Megan McArdle has something helpful to say about negotiations, although I think she's wrong to say that the bill is "hideously unpopular."  I also don't fully agree with Ed Kilgore, but his perspective on splits among Democrats is worth thinking about.  And Jonathan Caucus member Chait has a really nice summary of the bill, very useful for those who need talking points against their conservative or lefty friends and family over the holiday season.  

2. The Budget.  A little bit of fun from Kevin Drum, and a longer, interesting piece from Stan Collender.

3. I may not think it's a crime that he's always on the Sunday shows, but I do love a good McCain take-down.

4. John Sides, good as always, this time on independents.

5. I've mentioned that my brother is a terrific reporter.  He forced himself to read all the conservative best-sellers of 2009; the least you can do is read his entertaining reviews and the accompanying essay.

6.  I have no idea why this isn't getting more attention -- it's the fun story of the month.

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